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Trademark Guidelines

These guidelines are in place to ensure the integrity of the brand and that our company trademark is properly displayed and undiluted when used by partners across various platforms. 


Our brand mark is the most recognisable element of our identity and represents what we offer. The symbol itself is made up of many parts that work together as one, it represents collaboration and gives a sense of clarity and focus in everything we do.  

For maximum stand out the brand mark should appear using the Athensys blue wherever possible. When necessary mono versions are available. 

For impact the brand symbol can be isolated from the brand mark in its simplest form


Colour Palette

The Athensys colour palette consists of a set of vibrant and bold colours that compliment each other in various uses. For consistency the primary blue is used on the main logo only. The white version of the logo should only be used when it is required to be used subtly. It works best when using contrasting colours from the secondary palette.

Exclusion zone

To ensure our brand mark is clearly visible it is important to have an exclusion zone that is free from type, graphics and any other elements that cause visual clutter. We calculate this by using the width and height of the symbol to define the clear area. 

Brand mark Do’s and Don’ts

To keep consistency of the brand please use the brand mark as it appears. Do not:

  • Stretch, distort or change the angle of the logo
  • Do not crop the logo
  • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not change the typeface of the logo
  • Alter the elements in any way
  • Use on backgrounds that reduce visibility

Athensys Media Pack

Download our brand assets and brand guideline pack