Empowering lawyers to achieve more with less


Deliber8Law enables

Information superiority during negotiations and disputes

A secure cloud-based solution to store, manage and filter legal documents

Fast and accurate retrieval of information from large document sets

Contextual summarisation of information that lawyers can quickly read, analyse and act on

Automated review of contracts and documents to check for compliance

Lawyers to focus on providing high-quality, strategic legal advice

Equipping lawyers with the next generation of automation

While the first wave of automation focused on replacing human involvement in simple tasks, the second wave is about equipping professionals with the tools they need to conduct highly skilled, valuable work.

Deliber8Law is the leading platform for lawyers looking to take advantage of intelligent automation. Our tooling allows teams to search through massive document sets in seconds, quickly retrieving the precise information they need to make complex and strategic legal decisions.

No more manual searching

Accessing your documents through Deliber8Law’s secure, cloud-based platform means your team of skilled lawyers no longer need to spend hours manually reading page after page of legal documentation.

Our software can be used to find what you need an instant, retrieving relevant information in seconds and presenting it in a way that makes sense in the context of the case. Deliber8Law also tracks changes as they’re made in contracts and other documents, providing a single source of truth that can be accessed and verified across your entire organisation.

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