Creating a collaborative commercial relationship with DeliveryBridge

The challenge One of the UK’s largest government organisations needed a manageable way to create collaborative relationships with commercial suppliers. With information buried in contracts that spanned multiple complex documents, the client’s team was struggling to keep track of changes as they happened while keeping commercial suppliers informed. DeliveryBridge was selected as the ideal tool […]

Reducing cost and enabling compliance with DeliveryBridge

The challenge With a considerable number of long and complicated contracts to check for compliance, one of the UK’s biggest regulatory public bodies needed an affordable way to accurately search through large sets of documents. As a smart automation platform that specialises in making massive document sets more manageable, DeliveryBridge was chosen as a cost-effective […]

Exiting a contract smoothly with DeliveryBridge

The challenge While attempting to exit a long-running £2 bn contract, a large government department was facing opposition and uncooperativeness from its supplier. Our client needed a way to keep the supplier engaged in its previously agreed obligations without entering into a long and expensive legal battle. It opted for DeliveryBridge as a solution to […]