DeliveryBridge is the flagship product of Athensys.

DeliveryBridge uses AI, heuristics and network computing to form an electronic nervous system that lets large outsourced projects deliver what businesses need on time and budget.

We empower both customers and suppliers to analyse, understand and control the contract. In doing so we give them and their experts the tools they need to succeed together.

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Under the Hood

We take all the many pages of documents associated with the contract, bring them under change management and make them available over the network.

Our AI and heuristics then read all the documents in seconds and interpret each the way a human would.

It finds all the contractual obligations, promises, timings and requirements then works with you to discover what is being delivered.

Rather than having teams in silos delivering, the tool then helps experts specify modules that need to be delivered, with the AI understanding the inter-dependencies between modules to enable the whole to work together.

Every engineer and expert involved in making the project happens gets a simple human readable “module” for just the bits they are responsible for (each service, output, role and other deliverable). They are also clearly made aware of the inter-dependencies they have with other modules.

Every time any of the documents change, each expert and engineer is just notified of the differences in their module, as our electronic nervous system keeps all parts of the team informed.

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The commercial and programme management experts sit at the center of the nervous system. They get to see who owns which modules, if any obligations are not covered by any experts and monitor progress in achieving goals.

Working with business stakeholders on the module lets the team check the right thing is being delivered to meet the business need. If this is not the case, our document change management system lets all parties work on updating the documents, assess the impact on everything being delivered and simply brief changes out over the electronic nervous system.

Detailed Feature List

All the features below are included in DeliveryBridge.


You can load documents into your contract.

If this sounds like too much work we will also do this for you at £2 per page.

Electronic Contract

You get your contract in an electronic format, nice and shiny and accessible through any modern(ish) web browser.

Augmented Search

Our AI burns through the contract and producing a tailored cut in seconds, as if you had read it all yourself and summarised. We have legal partners who specialise in this where required, greatly reducing the time to a legal opinion.

Requirement and Timing Extraction

The AI to goes through your contract and automatically finds all the requirements, promises and timing information; giving you a clear view of the contract obligations.

Our AI reads like a human, so what you get out is far more than the bland list of paragraphs you may be use to. It knows if an obligation applies to a whole paragraph, list or table and it will give you nice, meaningful results.

The AI doesn’t get bored and produces consistent, objective, results free from human error.

Obligation Analysis Report

The obligations are summarised by document in terms of hard promises, softer options and indicative timing information (dates, events, milestones and triggered timings).

Obligation Spreadsheet

Every paragraph of every document is conveniently pulled into a spreadsheet along with it’s location, text and obligation data. No more copy and paste, let us take the load.

Deliverable Discovery

A list of obligations is all very well, but what are you going to do with them?

DeliveryBridge lets your team take control of our AI to find their work and which obligations sit on them.

Deliverable Design / Acceptance Scripts

The experts who own every work package, service, process, role and management product can get a simple tailored version of the contract just for them, a module definition.

This script says exactly what obligations sit on each of these modules and forms both the design specification and the test / acceptance script.

If your engineers stick to the script you will be compliant.

If they have not read the script you will find where they are non-compliant, and have produced something incompatible with the other modules.

Compliance Analysis Report

Better still, our AI will tell you which obligations, where, are not owned by an expert, and probably aren’t being delivered.

If an obligation exists in a part of the contract no one is reading, can anyone hear it screaming for implementation?

Future Change Proposals and Workflow

Add and modify documents in a controlled fashion, by presenting them as proposals.

Manage your contract change process and careful evaluate which proposals should be in the next version of the contract.

Instantly update the contract as changes are agreed and approved.

Full Change History

Step backwards through history.

See what historical changes made the contract the way it is now.

Change Management Reports and Dashboards

Simple reports and dashboards let you see the full past and future change history of the contract.

See the documents and the deliverable design / acceptance scripts each historical change affected.

Change Impact Assessment

Why wait for the contract to update before you know how it affects your obligations and experts?

Change Impact Assessment allows you to pro-actively assess the impact of changes before they are made; allowing you to play what-if and make the right changes.

Understand the full impact of any future change on every one of your deliverables, your obligations and your over all compliance.

Change Briefing for Experts

Notify everyone of your deliverable owning experts when a change under serious consideration will affect their design / acceptance scripts.

Let them follow changes and be fully briefed and informed when the contract is updated.

Skills and Partners

Our software is carefully designed to fit your ways of working and is designed to free your people to use the skills they already have.

All of our versions come with access to the simple guides and training material that let your people get the most out of software.

By following our training and certification process online our software and skills support will lead your people to implement best practice in contract management.

If you wish to make full use of DeliveryBridge capabilities while you learn, our network of highly skilled partners can provide you with interim capability and pass their skills onto your people / support you in ongoing delivery.