DeliveryBridge Pricing and Technical Specs

DeliveryBridge is the flagship software of Athensys.

The software is bought by organisations and priced by the contract.


Our DeliveryBridge software is available:

  • SaaS – on the public cloud
  • G-Cloud SaaS – on UK government Cloud at Official Sensitive (Via our partners)
  • On premise – for you to install on your own infrastructure

Tiers and Pricing

We price based on how many contracts you put in. This allows us to charge only for the value you get out.

This pricing applies if you want to use our SaaS platform or host it yourself. Contact us for G-Cloud SaaS pricing and we will find a partner to meet your needs.

We want you to get the most out our software so we don’t charge you by user, we give you up to 500 users included in the price.


LevelSaaS PriceOn Premise Price
Contract£5,000 per month
£50,000 per year
£50,000 per year

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