The Problem

Forbes 2000 and Public Sector Organisations are driven to transform

It is generally accepted wisdom that large organisations have to regularly transform their businesses in order to survive and thrive, this provides a strong impetus for business leaders to be seen to drive transformation.

Transformation in big organisations is generally conducted as a large programme of work, referred to here as a Transformation Programme.

Transformation Goes Wrong – a lot

These Transformation Programmes, tend to go very wrong. Large IT projects tend to take on average 40% more time, costing 45% more and delivering 56% less than expected [McKinsey / Oxford University 2012].

Implementing strategic business transformation is a huge challenge for senior executives world wide, with at least 44% these programmes being unsuccessful [Economist IU / PMI].

Transformation Failure is at Epidemic Proportions and is going to get worse

All signs indicate spending on large transformation programmes is increasing significantly year on year [IDC 2018].

If not already there, transformation spend on digital alone will be over 2 trillion dollars per year in the next 4 years [IDC 2018].

This means that overspend and failure to realise returns must will soon be costing big organisations into the trillions of dollars.

The Consequences of this Epidemic are Visible and Painful

At best these programmes just wreck the bottom line.

At worst, these programmes can be so catastrophic they threaten the board, the executive and the viability of the customer and supplier organisations involved; e.g. KMart, Corillian and Interserve.

Transforming organisations are hurt by cost overruns, time overruns, lack of return / value, unintended consequences and reputational damage amongst other factors.

The supply chain involved in delivery are hurt by loss of reputation, non-payment, unrecoverable costs and penalties.

All parties are hurt by litigation, particularly being on the losing side.

Athensys has the cure for Transformation Fail

The people behind Athensys have been working with UK transformation programmes, particularly in the defence sector, for the last 12 years and have produced a repeatable general cure for transformation failure.

This cure has been turned into a proven tool and process for treatment, the initial treatment process however, involves staff, training and support on a scale we can only provide to a few patients at once; there are thousands of patients to treat.

We can cure some but it would take us years to cure them all; to solve this problem we intend to work through a network of partners to scale to the whole market using their existing footprints.

Consultancy and Partnering is the key to Treating the Epidemic

The level of confusion and overspend in big organisational transformation fuels a very substantial consultancy industry that works to alleviate the symptoms, but has proved incapable of curing the disease at any meaningful scale.

These consultancy organisations have many highly skilled and expert staff, along with good relationships with those involved in governing, leading and delivering the big transformation programmes.

Athensys intends to reach out to and partner with these organisations in order to cure the disease of transformation failure at scale.